A Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature

ISSN Print : 2229-6557, Online: 2394-9244


  • Significance of Materials Development in Language Teaching
    By: Dipika S. Patel

    Introduction Most countries attribute the English Language to be the global language.As a result, English is used in international communicationboth orally and in written communication, for general as well as specificneeds. English teachers usually teach their students by using available textbooks.... Read more
  • The Role of Semantic Functions in Learning English Prepositions
    By: M. Ponmani & S. Mekala

    Introduction The essential requisite of a successful written text is to employ the language effectively in a given context. So it becomes necessary for English major students to master the nuances of the language system. In fact, students find it difficult to learn the function words rather than... Read more
  • Facilitating Discourse Construction in Second Language
    By: K.N. Anandan

    I feel sad and even annoyed when I hear teachers and parents complaining about the poor performance standards of students in English. ‘This is unfair,’ I would say to myself. ‘Have we ever asked those kids to communicate their ideas?’No. All what we have done is teach them bits and fragments of... Read more
  • Skopoi of a Translator: Assessing Vermeer’s Skopos Theory
    By: Deepti Bhardwaj

    In an essay titled ‘What does it Mean to Translate’ Hans J. Vermeer (1987) explores the structural, semantic and stylistic problems of translation. He asks, ‘Why does one translate a text?’(p. 28) and asserts, ‘Linguistics alone won’t help us. Firstly, because translating is not merely and not even... Read more