A Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature

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  • How Contemporary is Shakespeare?
    By: Anindita Dutta

    Introduction Is Shakespeare relevant today? Such a question often crosses our minds as we read the plays written by the great playwright. However we know very well that Shakespeare’s plays continue to be performed even today not just in English-speaking countries, but in others too in very many... Read more
  • Designing a Language Textbook: The Theory and Practice
    By: Partha Sarathi Misra

    Introduction Designing a language textbook is a multi-dimensional task that requires a nuanced understanding of the objectives of the language curriculum, a sound knowledge of the theories of language learning and their pedagogical implications, an understanding of the requirement of the... Read more
  • Teaching and Reading Caste in English
    By: Anchala Paliwal

      This paper explores the setting of a First year undergraduate classroom, studying a segment on Caste/Class prescribed as part of their English paper. The aim is to look at the reading strategies employed in approaching two texts in English translation, namely an extract from Omprakash Valmiki’s... Read more
  • A Movi(e)ng Experience : Using Films in the Soft Skills Class
    By: M.R.Vishwanathan

    The idea of using films in the second/foreign language classroom is an idea that is nothing to write home about or speak in glorious terms since it is old, tried, tired and tested! Teaching soft skills through movies instead of employing dry theoretical appraoches is however a recent discovery that... Read more
  • Departments of English and Literary Syllabi: Notes on Cultural Reproduction
    By: Sahdev Luhar

    Departments of literature in higher education, then, are part of the ideological apparatus of the modern capitalist state. They are not wholly reliable apparatuses ...                                                                                                 (Eagleton, 2003, p. 174-5)  ... Read more
  • Significance of Materials Development in Language Teaching
    By: Dipika S. Patel

    Introduction Most countries attribute the English Language to be the global language.As a result, English is used in international communicationboth orally and in written communication, for general as well as specificneeds. English teachers usually teach their students by using available textbooks.... Read more