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Book Reviews

  • Assessing learners: A pedagogic resource

    Assessing learners: A pedagogic resource Durairajan, Geetha (2015) New Delhi: Cambridge University Press. (Pages 114)  ISBN 978-1-107-54328-7 (Paperback) ₹130.00 Geetha Durairajan brings together several decades of research and scholarship in the areas of evaluation and materials development in her latest book entitled Assessing Learners: A Pedagogic Resource. The book is aimed at not just... Read more
  • Walking towards ourselves: Indian women tell their stories

    Walking towards ourselves: Indian women tell their stories Mitchell, Catrina (Ed.) (2016) New Delhi: Harpercollins Publishers (266 pages) ISBN 978-93-5177-792-2 ₹399.00 Experiential narratives have basic authenticity about them and hence have greater potential to engage the reader. Walking Towards Self has in addition, the foregrounding of a plethora of questions and innumerable contrasting... Read more
  • Trends in language teaching

    Trends in language teaching Agnihotri, Ramakant, Gupta, Anju Sahgal & Khanna, A.L. (Eds.). (2017) New Delhi: Orient Blackswan (240 pages). ISBN 10: 938629687X  ISBN 13: 9789386296870 ₹450.00 What does it mean to teach and learn a language? How can we make languages more accessible to our learners and how do we cope with the challenges of the changing world? How do we reach out to all learners... Read more
  • Learn English Teach English: English Skills for Teachers

    Chakrakodi, Ravinaryan. (2016). Learn English teach English:  English skills for teachers.  New Delhi: Oxford University Press. (144 + viii pages) ISBN 019946636-X  Rs. 240/-     In Position Paper National Focus Group on Teaching of English 2006, there is a discussion on the importance of language proficiency for teachers. Another important policy document, National Curriculum Framework for... Read more
  • In Which Margaret Atwood Revisits Shakespeare’s Brave New World: A Review of Hag-Seed

    Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood Random House, 2016 Paperback ₹ 599 Kindle, pp 245, ₹ 274.86     A new Margaret Atwood book is always cause for much revelry in certain bibliophilic circles, and she never disappoints. The latest from the Atwood production line is a brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Excuse the irreverence. It is only a homage to the masterful irreverence with which... Read more
  • Spoken English for my world

    Reviewed by: Kalyanee Rajan   Pillai, Sabina (2016). Spoken English for my world. New Delhi: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-946080-9 (Paperback) It is an established fact that LSRW are the four pillars of language learning. However, reading and writing skills are taught and evaluated throughout formal education, while listening and speaking receive relatively scarce attention. Lack of a... Read more
  • Second language teaching and learning with technology: Views of emergent researchers

    Reviewed by: Kamaldeep Kaur Thouesny, Sylvie & Bradley, Linda (2011). Second language teaching and learning with technology: Views of emergent researchers. Dublin: Research-publishing.net. ISBN13: 978-1-908416-00-1 (eBook) ISBN13: 978-1-908416-01-8 (print on demand) DOI: 10.14705/rpnet.2011.9781908416001 Permalink: http://dx.doi.org/10.14705/rpnet.2011.9781908416001 Technological advancement... Read more
  • Cultures of the indigenous: India and beyond
    By: Gautam Choubey

    Srivastava, Prem Kumari & Chawla, Gitanjali (Eds.) (2014). Cultures of the indigenous: India and beyond. New Delhi: Authors Press. (257 pages) ISBN 978-81-7273-923-2 (Hard Cover) The greatest challenge of projects such as Cultures of the Indigenous: India and Beyond is to disentangle the submerged indigenous from the dominant non-indigenous, and the local from the “glocal”, without losing... Read more
  • English and communication skills I
    By: Mukti Sanyal

    Shahnaaz, Tasneem, Savitha, C. & Rao, Cheryl (2015). English and communication skills I.  New Delhi: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-316-50786-5 (Paperback) English and Communication Skills I has been commissioned to serve the needs and requirements of the Uttarakhand Technical Education Department. However, it can serve the needs of any young adult looking to improve their English... Read more
  • The Book of English: Listening and Speaking
    By: Veena Bhambhani

      Chakravarty, Falguni. (2014). The book of English: Listening and speaking, (Book 9 & Book 10). Delhi: Macmillan Publishers India Pvt. Ltd. ISBN 935059511-7 935059512-5 (Paperback)   This set of two books—The Book of English: Listening and Speaking, 9 & 10—complete with audio CDs is purported to support the prescribed curriculum for Listening and Speaking in CBSE schools. Each book... Read more