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Book Reviews

  • Untouchable God
    By: Preeti Gupta Dewan

    Ilaiah, Kancha (2013). Untouchable God. Kolkata: Stree-samya Publishers.ISBN: 978-81-85604-33-6Pp. 248, Rs 350/- Dalit social scientist Kancha Ilaiah fires yet another salvo against Brahminical Hinduism from his armoury, this time in the form of a novel titled Untouchable God. The novel lacks an engaging narrative and focuses instead on the creation of the caricatured portraits of six Brahmins—... Read more
  • Talking about Detective Fiction
    By: Shilpy Malhotra

    James, P.D. (2009). Talking  about detective fiction. London:  Faber & Faber.  ISBN 978-0-571-25355-5 Pp-159, Rs. 399/- Talking About Detective Fiction, as one would expect of any work by P.D. James, is at once engaging, easy to read and informative. It covers a wide range of works of detective fiction; beginning with an analysis of nineteenth century fiction (which had strong elements of... Read more
  • Politics of Visuals in decoding Visual Culture
    By: Gorvika

    By Richard Howells & Joaquim Negreiros. Visual Culture. 2012, 2nd edition. Cambridge, Polity Press. Pp 346, Price: Rs 1752 (paperback) ISBN-10: 0745650708 ISBN-13: 978-0745650708   Our world is full of images, pictures and visuals. We see them daily, on roads, in museums, on TV, in films etc. Have we ever thought what do they mean? How they are affecting us?  Are they as innocent as they... Read more
  • Basics of Academic English
    By: A.L. Khanna

    Basics of Academic English, 1 and 2 By Deeptha Achar, Rajan Barett, Santosh Dash, Charul Jain, Sachin Ketkar and Aarati Mujumdar. Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi 2012, 2013 Price: Rs 70, Rs 85, pages:96,120   The set of Basics of Academic English, 1 and 2 are textbooks written for the Foundation Course in English under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) introduced for undergraduate students of... Read more
  • English Language Education in South Asia: From Policy to Pedagogy
    By: Shreesh Chaudhary

     Farrel, Lesley, Singh, Udaya Narayana & Giri, Ram Ashish (Eds., 2011) English Language Education in South Asia: From Policy to Pedagogy With a Foreword by Braj B Kachru, New Delhi: Cambridge University Press/Foundation Books, Pp. 291+xx, Price: Rs.760.00   Except sporadically India has never been one country ‘politically’. During various periods of its history, India has indicated, with some... Read more