A Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature

ISSN Print : 2229-6557, Online: 2394-9244


FORTELL ISSN 2229-6557 (print), 2394-9244 (online) is a referred journal published twice a year i.e January and July.  It encourages research work on English language and Literature, and includes papers on pedagogy as well as theoretical articles in these areas.

It is published by A. L. Khanna on behalf of Forum of Teachers of English language and Literature (FORTELL), New Delhi.


Views expressed in the articles in FORTELL are not necessarily those of the Editors or of FORTELL Executive members.

Copyright Notice

Copyright for the individual contributions remains vested in the authors to whom application for rights to reproduce should be made. However, FORTELL should be acknowledged as the original source of publication. FORTELL retains the right to republish any of the contributions in its future publications.