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Call for papers for Fortell | ISSN no: Print 2229 – 6557, Online 2394-9244 | January 2019, Issue No. 38

Call for Papers for FORTELL, Issue 38 (January 2019)

Special Issue on   

Current Trends in Second Language Teaching

Second language (L2) pedagogy draws on research in second language acquisition (SLA) and different disciplines within the field of linguistics, such as sociolinguistics, phonology, and syntax, as well as disciplines outside of linguistics, such as cognitive science, education, sociology, and psychology. Scholars with an interest in L2 pedagogy investigate internal and external factors that play a role in the acquisition of second languages, including age of acquisition, first language backgrounds, motivation, instructional settings and practices, and societal issues, all of which have implications for the teaching of second languages and second language teacher education.

There is currently a substantial body of research on second language (L2) learning and this body of knowledge is constantly growing. There are also many attempts in most teacher education programs around the world to inform practicing and prospective L2 teachers about second language acquisition (SLA) research and its findings. However, an important question in this context has been to what extent SLA research has been able to influence L2 teaching. There is extensive discussion and debate among SLA researchers about the applicability of L2 research to language teaching.

This issue proposes to explore how English language teachers perceive the relationship between SLA research and language teaching and to what extent they believe the findings of SLA is useful and relevant for L2 pedagogy.

We invite papers that:

  • explore relationship between research, teachers and learners
  • examine challenges of an SL classroom and how to deal with them
  • offer innovative pedagogical strategies for SL teaching in different learning contexts
  • focus on how to effectively integrate technology and collaborative learning
  • suggest choices for hybrid instruction and blended learning

FORTELL, a peer-reviewed journal of the Forum for Teachers of English Language and Literature, is published bi-annually in January and July by FORTELL, New Delhi. Copyright for the individual contribution rests with the author. However, FORTELL Journal should be acknowledged as the original source of publication in a subsequent publication. FORTELL retains the right to republish any of the contributions in its future publications or to make it available in electronic form for the benefit of its members.


Soft copies of articles/research papers (3000-4000 words), reports (500-700 words), book reviews, (800-1000 words), language games/activities (400-500 words) should be sent along with a brief bio note of about 25-30 words to the Co-ordinating Editor at amrit.l.khanna@gmail.com.

Each article should include an abstract of 100-150 words, and 5-6 keywords.

The contributors should clearly indicate their name, email address, mobile number, and complete mailing address with pin code. Contributions should conform to the sixth edition of the APA style sheet in format, citations and bibliography. Contributors should also give a declaration that the paper is original and does not violate the copyright law and it has not been published in any form elsewhere before. Please look up the website http://www.fortell.org/ regarding guidelines for submission of the manuscript.

Guest Editors: Tasneem Shahnaaz & Sabina Pillai

Tasneem Shahnaaz is Associate Professor at Department of English, Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi

Sabina Pillai is Associate Professor at Department of English, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College, University of Delhi

Last date for submission: August 31, 2018

(Hard copies will be made available only to the Annual Subscribers to FORTELL).