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R. W. Desai

R. W. Desai was formerly Professor in Department of English, University of Delhi. He is a renowned Shakespeare scholar and his works include Yeat’s Shakespeare (Northwestern University Press, 1971), Shakespearean Latencies (Doaba House, 2002) and Shakespeare the Man: New Decipherings (Ed., Fairlegh Dickinson University Press, 2014). He has also written an epistolary novel Frailty Thy Name is Woman (Har-Anand Publications,1993) and a collection of short stories, Of War and War’s Alarms and Twenty-one Other Stories(Emerald Publishers, 2005). He is the founder and editor of Hamlet Studies, the only journal devoted exclusively to a single work of Shakespeare. He has also made the film ‘6 key scenes from Hamlet’ sponsored by UGC and Jamia Millia Islamia in 2012 and ‘5 key scenes from Doctor Faustus’ sponsored by ILLL, University of Delhi.