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Guidelines for Submission of Manuscript

  1. FORTELL Journal welcomes articles on English language and literature at school and college level. While the thrust of the journal is on pedagogy, we also include research papers that deal with theoretical issues in the area.
  2. We publish original research papers that have not been published/submitted elsewhere at the time of being sent to FORTELL Journal. Soft copies of articles(2000 words, upto 2500 words in the case of Featured articles), book reviews / reports(500-750 words) should be sent to the Coordinating Editor, Dr. A.L. Khanna at amrit.l.khanna@gmail.com. Articles sent after the announced last date of submission in CFP will not be entertained.
  3. The manuscript should be emailed as a Microsoft word document conforming to the 6th edition of the APA style sheet. It should be accompanied by a brief bio note (in about 25-30 words), a recent photograph of the author, and a declaration that the paper is original, does not violate copyright law and has not been published before.  An abstract of 100-150 words should be attached on a separate page.
  4. Copies of letters granting permission to reproduce illustrations, tables, or lengthy quoted passages should be emailed along with the manuscript. FORTELL will not be responsible for any copyright issues.
  5. The first page should contain the title of the article, name of author(s), affiliation(s), contact details including email id, phone number and mailing address for correspondence.
  6. Since FORTELL Journal is a refereed journal, all manuscripts are subject to the usual process of anonymous review. Information that could help identify the contributor should be avoided in the body of the article.
  7. The final decision of selecting the articles for publication will rest with the Editorial Board of FORTELL Journal.
  8. Single quotes should be used throughout the text. End notes should appear before References. Some examples are given from APA style sheet for quick reference of contributors:


Reference citations in text:

  • Libraries historically highly value intellectual freedom and patron confidentiality (LaRue, 2007).
  • LaRue (2007) identified intellectual freedom and patron confidentiality as two key values held historically by libraries.
  • Darwin used the metaphor of the tree of life ‘to express the other form of interconnectedness – genealogical rather than ecological’(Gould & Brown, 1991, p. 14).


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