A Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature

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Language Activities

  • Activity 1: My cinquain

    Skill focus: Writing Level: Grades VI, VII and VIII Estimated time: 20 minutes Group size: Individual/Pair/Group Learning objectives: To enable the learners to: Write simple poems Build active and passive vocabulary Methodology 1.      Share with the learners what a cinquain is. A Cinquain is a five-line poem that describes a person, place, thing or a theme. It describes a community issue, a... Read more
  • Activity 2: I am thankful to…

    Skill focus: Listening and speaking Level: Grades III and IV Estimated time: 30 minutes Type of participation: Group Materials required: A football Learning Objectives: To enable learners to: Speak simple sentences to share one’s name Speak simple sentences to express gratitude Methodology 1.      Ask the learners to stand in a circle (preferably in an open area such as the school playground).... Read more
  • Activity 3: With The Times

    Skill focus: Vocabulary development Sub-skill: Minor forms of word formation Level: Final year of graduation Estimated time: 30 minutes Group size: Pair work Maximum students: 60 Learning Objectives: To train learners to identify the processes involved in minor forms of word formation. Materials: 30 copies of the newspaper The Times of India, activity sheets Methodology: 1.      Bring all the... Read more
  • Activity 4: Being Contemporary, Staying Relevant

    Skill focus: Vocabulary development Level: Undergraduate Estimated time: 15-30 minutes Group size: 6 students Maximum students: 30 Learning objectives: To develop vocabulary in students that is useful to them in real life situations. Materials: Five Advanced Learners’ Dictionaries (electronic/print), pamphlets, information brochures and user manuals of vehicles (preferably four-wheelers)... Read more
  • Pronunciation Activities
    By: Shruti Pal

    Pronunciation is an often overlooked aspect in language learning as it is not considered to be significant enough. This may be true to a certain extent, but minor variations in the pronunciation of certain sounds may change the entire meaning of a word, thereby hampering communication. This is especially evident in the case of minimal pairs. Given here are a few language activities that require... Read more
  • Storytelling
    By: Manjari Pushkarna

    Name of the activity: Storytelling Skill focus: Writing Sub-skill focus: Descriptive writing    Language for which the activity is designed: English Level: Secondary and senior-secondary Estimated time needed: 1 hour Number of students expected in the class/group: 20-40 students Objective: To learn descriptive writing Materials needed: Pictures-Photographs, newspaper/magazine pictures, postcards... Read more
  • Tiny Tales
    By: Ruchi Kaushik

    (Composed by Deewanshu Gupta, 1st year B.Com. (Hons.), Shri Ram College of Commerce) Task: Let us learn to write tiny tales! Skill focus: Speaking, writing Sub-skill focus: Creativity, practising brevity in writing Level: Tertiary Task type: Group work Time needed: 30-40 minutes Objective: To learn descriptive writing Methodology: Divide the class into groups of 4-5 students each. Tell them that... Read more
  • I like to...
    By: Manu Gulati

    Name of the activity: I like to... Skill focus: Listening and speaking Level: Classes III, IV and V Type of participation: Individual/pair/group Time allotted: 40 minutes Objectives: To enable the learners to Express their liking verbally Ask verbally about their friends’ liking. Methodology: Show pictures of various food items to the students. Discuss the names of these items and brainstorm on... Read more
  • Language Activity in Critical Reading
    By: Shefali Ray

    Name of the activity: An exercise in critical reading Focus area of the activity: Ability to read critically, separating truth from rhetoric Language for which the activity is designed: English Level for which the activity is designed: Senior secondary/tertiary Estimated time for the activity: 20 minutes Number of students: Class of 30-40 students; they may work independently to begin with and... Read more
  • Question Formation in English
    By: Nivedita Bedadur

    Game 1: Find Your Partner Objective:         To practice asking questions and answering  Level:                Grades V to VII Materials:        rectangular slips of paper big enough to write a question or an answer Time needed:   1 hour Procedure:       Step 1.     The facilitator prepares many slips each containing either a question or an answer  and distributes them randomly to children... Read more