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Language Activities

  • Language Activity
    By: Manu Gulati

    Activity name: Words within Words Skill focus: Writing Participation: Individual or group Level: Primary, Middle, Secondary Learning objective: To improve the vocabulary of the learners. Time: 2 to 7 minutes Methodology: Choose a word or a phrase and write it in on the board in capital letters. (Example- LANGUAGE) Make two to three words, using the letters of the word written on the board. ... Read more
  • Common Language Games for Effective Vocabulary Building
    By: Tarika

    The following Language exercise is conceptualized on the same paradigm as the ‘builder’s exercise’ discussed by Wittgenstein in Philosophical Investigations. According to this exercise, bare minimum, ‘primitive’ form of language is used between a builder and his assistant. For them to be able to achieve their work, they need only nouns like ‘block’, ‘pillar,’ or ‘beam.’ The builder calls for... Read more
  • Language Activities for Young Learners
    By: Falguni Chakravarty

    Solve the Maze Young Learners always enjoy solving maze problems.As part of a series of Teacher Training Workshops, I asked my participants to develop language activities using mazes so as to stimulate the young minds. The following activity was developed by Ms. Shefali Bagai, English Teacher of Grade 2 at RSJ Modern School, Humayun Road, New Delhi. It is a ‘whilelistening’ task to revise the... Read more
  • Language Games and Activities
    By: Ruchi Kaushik

    Here is a stand-alone language learning activity related to the theme of Healthy Lifestyle. The activity is designed for students at the proficiency level indicated. Some variations ofthe same activity are provided later so that the teacher can modify it and pitch it at a different level in a heterogeneous class that comprises students with varying learning abilities. Play the Nutritionist,... Read more