A Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature

ISSN Print : 2229-6557, Online: 2394-9244

Issue 29 (Jul, 2014)

Coordinating Editor


Guest Editors

C. Nisha Singh
Manjari Chaturvedi

Special Focus on
Disability and Pedagogy

I would like to warmly compliment Prof. G.J.V Prasad and Ms. Rachna Sethi for recording a highly perceptive interaction in the previous issue of FORTELL (issue 28, January 2014) on the topic ‘Interdisciplinary Approaches in English Studies’. This piece reflects the visibility and emergence of the study of English Literature in the context of other Arts and Social Sciences. The engaging narrative manifests its force in the pedagogical reformulations which confront the current issues faced by the Departments of English Studies in Indian universities.
The interview clarifies aspects of a loaded term like ‘interdisciplinarity’ in the context of its usage in the teaching of English language and literature and other disciplines. Also, it discusses at length another engaging but intriguing issue related to adaptations of Cultural Studies in English Departments in our country. Cultural interactions are emerging to provide a forum for this activity which is becoming an interface between arts and social sciences.
The comparative advantages of interdisciplinary studies in the context of interrelations of languages and literature with Fine Arts and Social Sciences are becoming increasingly important and it offers a new area of humanistic learning. Besides, as we know, Translations Studies too has taken on new avatars and has renewed and reformulated its relationship not only with English studies but also with Indian languages and literatures.
I would therefore congratulate FORTELL for not only maintaining the regularity in bringing out the issues when we are facing financial constraints but also for including such seminal interactions on engaging topics which attract readers’ attention and evoke perceptive responses.

Dr. Chandra Mohan, Advisor, International Higher Education, Central University of Gujarat
General Secretary, Comparative Literature Association of India | c.mohan.7@hotmail.com