A Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature

ISSN Print : 2229-6557, Online: 2394-9244


  • Englishes in Multilingual Repertoires
    By: Rakesh M. Bhatt

    Abstract This article primarily discusses the ‘Outer Circle’ varieties of English: the spread that introduced English to sociocultural and historical contexts traditionally not associated with it, and in the process, of course, acquiring new—non-native—speakers. It is an attempt to underline the... Read more
  • To Teach or Not to Teach Code-Mixed English?
    By: Tej K. Bhatia

    Abstract The aim of this paper is four-folds: (1) to examine the unique multilingual context of English in India; (2) to examine Hinglish, one of the verbal outcomes of multilingual India; (3) to shed light on Code-Mixing and Code-Switching as bilingual phenomena distinct from other hybrid... Read more
  • Instilingo Puts Intro: A Study of Indian Variety of English
    By: Karthika Sathyanathan and Rajesh Kumar

    Abstract This paper focuses on highlighting certain linguistic and syntactical peculiarities of the slang that is spoken by the student community of IIT Madras. The community is notorious for its ‘Insti Lingo’ that has often been a cause for fraternization within itself. Through the paper, I hope... Read more
  • Reported Speech by Japanese EFL Learners
    By: Nivedita Kumari

    Abstract This study discusses the errors in written reports of Japanese EFL learners when they use a reported speech to describe a TED presentation of their choice as a part of a course on English Presentation. A better understanding of these reported speech errors helps us delve into the field of... Read more
  • Multilingualism Embedded in English of India
    By: Elizabeth Eldho

    Abstract English language is evidently proliferating with the emergence of multitudes of varieties within itself; in other words, English is increasingly becoming multilingual. As a result of this, the idealization of ‘one English for all’ does not really find a place in multilingual contexts.... Read more