A Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature

ISSN Print : 2229-6557, Online: 2394-9244


  • Professional Development Models and Methods: An Overview
    By: Kirti Kapur

    Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. — John Cotton Dana Abstract Professional Development is a standard term that holds value for all teaching professionals, irrespective of their teaching context or experience. While it may be mandatory or voluntary, professional development enhances... Read more
  • Can CPD in Tertiary Education Stand Up and be Counted?
    By: Sabina Pillai

    Abstract Almost every profession prides itself on incorporating CPD initiatives for growth in individuals’careers. Professionals also pursue higher knowledge and new techniques in their domains in order to improve on their quality of service. However, in the field of English teaching in tertiary... Read more
  • Exploring Continuing Professional Development in ELT Classrooms in India
    By: Veena Kapur, Nidhi Seth and Dolly Dhawan

    Abstract Internationally, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has gained prominence through the activities of professional associations and networks of teaching communities where professional development programmes are recognized and valued. It is clear that CPD needs to develop as a key... Read more
  • An Action Research Project to Explore Peer Mentoring to Enable CPD
    By: Monishita Hajra Pande

    Abstract Action research allows teachers to explore their immediate contexts and make on the spot modifications to address pedagogic issues. It is one of the ways to assist the teacher to engage with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In this paper, I will discuss an action research project... Read more
  • Learn to Teach: A Shared Process
    By: Hema.V.Raghavan

    Abstract A lot of debate is on among all the stake holders – students, teachers, parents, society at large and the government, to improve quality in Higher education. However, of primary importance is faculty training in new models of teaching and their endeavour to keep pace with the phenomenal... Read more
  • Critical Pedagogy and English Language Teaching in India
    By: Sunita Mishra

    Abstract Critical pedagogy can be described as an approach to education which acknowledges that the teaching/learning process is political, and carries within it the structures of domination and power play. It is built around the belief that there should be an attempt to acknowledge this and... Read more
  • Curriculum and Critical Thinking: A Case Study
    By: Meenalochana Inguva

    Abstract Developing critical thinking skills, one of the most essential skills in the 21st century, is a big challenge in any teaching and learning context. It is a slow process and demands hard work on the part of both teachers and learners. Curriculum, which is central to teaching and learning,... Read more