A Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature

ISSN Print : 2229-6557, Online: 2394-9244


  • Critical Thinking for Teacher Empowerment and Learner Autonomy
    By: Sanjukta Sivakumar

    Abstract In this paper, I will present a study of English teachers engaged in task-based language teaching within the framework of Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (RBT) in a Content and Language Integrated Learning context. I will explore the following research questions... Read more
  • Critical Pedagogy Through Stories
    By: Prachi Kalra

    Abstract As classrooms in India become more diverse, it is becoming imperative for teachers to not just know their subject matter, but also be able to make sense of the lived realities of children. Teachers need to know their students well and hence must challenge conventional ideas of teaching,... Read more
  • Critical Pedagogical Contraventions in and Through Bama’s Karukku
    By: Arunabha Bose

    Abstract The reading and teaching of Karukku (2017), permits the interrogation of conventional orthodoxies through critical contraventions. Karukku offers complex and enriching possibilities since it deals with Bama’s reformulation of pedagogic practices within the catholic convent. Paulo Freire,... Read more