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Decoding Gender Complexities in Young Adult Literature

Anjani Malik


Young Adult Fiction (YAF) is about and for young adults between the ages of 12 to 18 years, and the focus is on an adolescent as the protagonist, rather than an adult or a child. There is a variety of genres in Young Adult Literature (YAL), like realistic fiction, fantasy and science fiction. YAF is still not perceived as serious literature in India; and works delving into LGBTQ studies, gender bias and sexual abuse are considered taboo themes. The purpose behind arguing for a serious conception and perception of Young Adult Literature in India is for the youth to have a better understanding of their immediate realities. This paper discusses the predicament of teenage girls and expresses their gruesome realities through Himanjali Sankar’s Talking of Muskaan (2014) and Kavitha Mandana’s No 9 on the Shade Card (2013).

Keywords: young adult literature, teenage girls, adolescent realities, gender stereotypes, identity

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