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Language Activities

  • Activity 2: I am thankful to…

    Skill focus: Listening and speaking Level: Grades III and IV Estimated time: 30 minutes Type of participation: Group Materials required: A football Learning Objectives: To enable learners to: Speak simple sentences to share one’s name Speak simple sentences to express gratitude Methodology 1.      Ask the learners to stand in a circle (preferably in an open area such as the school playground).... Read more
  • Activity 3: With The Times

    Skill focus: Vocabulary development Sub-skill: Minor forms of word formation Level: Final year of graduation Estimated time: 30 minutes Group size: Pair work Maximum students: 60 Learning Objectives: To train learners to identify the processes involved in minor forms of word formation. Materials: 30 copies of the newspaper The Times of India, activity sheets Methodology: 1.      Bring all the... Read more
  • Activity 4: Being Contemporary, Staying Relevant

    Skill focus: Vocabulary development Level: Undergraduate Estimated time: 15-30 minutes Group size: 6 students Maximum students: 30 Learning objectives: To develop vocabulary in students that is useful to them in real life situations. Materials: Five Advanced Learners’ Dictionaries (electronic/print), pamphlets, information brochures and user manuals of vehicles (preferably four-wheelers)... Read more
  • Pronunciation Activities
    By: Shruti Pal

    Pronunciation is an often overlooked aspect in language learning as it is not considered to be significant enough. This may be true to a certain extent, but minor variations in the pronunciation of certain sounds may change the entire meaning of a word, thereby hampering communication. This is especially evident in the case of minimal pairs. Given here are a few language activities that require... Read more
  • Storytelling
    By: Manjari Pushkarna

    Name of the activity: Storytelling Skill focus: Writing Sub-skill focus: Descriptive writing    Language for which the activity is designed: English Level: Secondary and senior-secondary Estimated time needed: 1 hour Number of students expected in the class/group: 20-40 students Objective: To learn descriptive writing Materials needed: Pictures-Photographs, newspaper/magazine pictures, postcards... Read more
  • Tiny Tales
    By: Ruchi Kaushik

    (Composed by Deewanshu Gupta, 1st year B.Com. (Hons.), Shri Ram College of Commerce) Task: Let us learn to write tiny tales! Skill focus: Speaking, writing Sub-skill focus: Creativity, practising brevity in writing Level: Tertiary Task type: Group work Time needed: 30-40 minutes Objective: To learn descriptive writing Methodology: Divide the class into groups of 4-5 students each. Tell them that... Read more
  • I like to...
    By: Manu Gulati

    Name of the activity: I like to... Skill focus: Listening and speaking Level: Classes III, IV and V Type of participation: Individual/pair/group Time allotted: 40 minutes Objectives: To enable the learners to Express their liking verbally Ask verbally about their friends’ liking. Methodology: Show pictures of various food items to the students. Discuss the names of these items and brainstorm on... Read more
  • Language Activity in Critical Reading
    By: Shefali Ray

    Name of the activity: An exercise in critical reading Focus area of the activity: Ability to read critically, separating truth from rhetoric Language for which the activity is designed: English Level for which the activity is designed: Senior secondary/tertiary Estimated time for the activity: 20 minutes Number of students: Class of 30-40 students; they may work independently to begin with and... Read more
  • Question Formation in English
    By: Nivedita Bedadur

    Game 1: Find Your Partner Objective:         To practice asking questions and answering  Level:                Grades V to VII Materials:        rectangular slips of paper big enough to write a question or an answer Time needed:   1 hour Procedure:       Step 1.     The facilitator prepares many slips each containing either a question or an answer  and distributes them randomly to children... Read more
  • Activities for the Language Classroom
    By: Nupur Samuel

    Grammar may be dreaded by some students if they are only asked to fill grammar books. On the other hand, grammar activities encourage learners to speak and write in complete sentences without overtly focusing on grammar. In my paper, there are activities based on conjunctions, adjectives and the past tense, which encourage students to practice grammar in a fun way. While teachers need to know... Read more